Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm sick :/

I did not attend class today.When i woke up in the morning,i felt very weak and I can hardly open my tightly shut eyelids.
I walked wobbly and tumbled down the stairs.Scratches were formed at my right elbow and ankle.
That was when U saw my mom and I said...
'Mom,I am not going.I dont' want to go to school.'
Once I finished my sentence,I straight away strode to my room and continue my sleep blissfully.
I 've not taken enough sleep for many days already.
Therefore,I thought I really need to skip today's class.If not,I would feel even worse tomorrow.
I knew it was not an legitimate nor acceptable accuse.But It was a good measure to prevent my health condition from worsening right ? =P
In add,I would be having extra class in the afternoon.TOTALLY TIDAK MAHU.I would be sleeping,most properly,ummp No,I meant certainly.
And most importantly,today's lessons were not important and they usually ended unproductively.
______________________________________AFTER A 7 HOURS SLEEP a.k.a BEAUTY SLEEP...

Yeah,I feel energetic !!
So,I did a little bit of revision on my business studies and some analyses on past years STPM'S business papers just now.
And now,I've to get back to work.

Bye ! =)

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